Dolce Horti International Ltd. is a professional grower and supplier of flowers and plants in Taiwan and China. We supply Orchids and variouls flower & plant types cut or pot.

For Orchids, we supply high quality Phalaenopsis , Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Oncidium and Cymbidium.  The range is including T/C plant, young plant, mature plant, spiking plant and blooming plant. Some both for cut or pot. We also supply the Bonsai such as Pachira, Zamioculcas zamifolia (ZZ plant), Dracaena sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo), Japanese Serissa and Cycas.  

We have various varieties, full experience for exporting. Good treatment when packing and delivery. The best condition when goods arrival. 
Most clients are very satisfied with the quality and service from us, we are still do our best to create the most advantages and penfits to our clients. Hope also the chance to cooperate with you !

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